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St. Ignace native Colleen Colegrove watches son, Roman Wilson, achieve his dream of getting drafted into the NFL

MICHIGAN - Roman Wilson was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers with pick number 84 in the NFL draft. The former Michigan Wolverine, played four seasons in Ann Arbor, catching 107 passes for over 1700 yards and 20 touchdowns. Wilson had is most productive season last year, in his senior year putting up 12 touchdowns. Wilson’s mom, Colleen Colegrove is from St. Ignace and is a graduate of La Salle high school in St. Ignace.

Colegrove, got to witness her son get the call that would change his life as one of his teammates got picked.

“When they were calling Blake Corum’s name, Roman got the call. So, like, his phone was on silent, but I was like oh my god, he got the call because I was sitting right next to him.” Said Colegrove. “So, the room was, like, completely silent. And it was a long conversation. He was talking to like four different people, and I could kind hear some of it. I was sitting right close to him. It was so exciting. Like you just wanted to burst, but you had to be super quiet because he was on the phone. As soon as he got the call, before they even said his name, like we were all cheering and yelling.”


Wilson was projected by some to be an early 3rd round pick, or even early 2nd rounder, but him falling to the 84th pick, give him an extra edge to prove something to the teams that passed on him.

“The Steelers, like he was still there at 84, which was really amazing for them. I was shocked that he didn’t go earlier.” Said Colegrove. “I think Roman was too, because I seen in an interview, he said that he feels like a lot of guys doubted him, a lot of teams doubted him and that he feels like he was a top ten receiver and he’s going to make sure teams pay for passing on him.”

Wilson now joins a receiver room led by George Pickens.

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