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CMU men’s basketball feels confident heading into 2023-24 season with revamped roster

MOUNT PLEASANT― The Central Michigan men’s basketball team is feeling good this preseason.

According to head coach Tony Barbee in his Thursday press conference, the team is the healthiest they’ve ever been this far along in the preseason.

Not only is this squad healthy, but they’re tall and athletic.


The Chippewas roll into their third season under Barbee with a lot of newcomers. Six true freshmen joined the squad alongside six transfers.

Barbee noted that this team seems to have the most depth and talented offense of his tenure at CMU, noting that this team has height and athletic wings.

“This is going to be the biggest [offensive] jump you guys have ever seen,” CMU guard Brian Taylor said. “The type of guys we have, the guys that coach recruited, we have a lot of shooters.”

Taylor also noted that the team has gelled quickly, bringing positive energy to the locker room. He feels that this team is bought into the Chippewa program.


All positives as the Chippewas look to face their toughest schedule in years. Their 2023-24 gauntlet includes major programs like Oklahoma, Florida State, Ohio State, and Creighton.

“I think we can stand up to the schedule,” Barbee said. “Power 5 programs have the size and depth at every position...well, so do we.”

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