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AuSable River Canoe Marathon

Proulx and Halstead have the number one spot going into the Au Sable Canoe Marathon Saturday Night

GRAYLING- The team of Ryan Halstead and Christophe Proulx hold the lead position, edging out the team of Mike Davis and Guillaume Blais by less than a half second. The top three spots of time trial qualifying for the Au Sable River Canoe Marathon are separated by just over two seconds. Ryan Halstead and Christophe Proulx had their time trial race on Thursday evening.

“We wanted to break the course record, which was a 4:47, and we felt like we could do it,” said Halstead.

Proulx added, “We were on track for it, but we did a mistake on the way up that put us a little bit back on our track. We went super hard on the way down and then hit the buoy, but luckily, we still went on the good side, so we didn’t get a penalty, and at that moment it was just trying to fight for pole position.


Halstead and Proulx’s pace-setting time is 4:48.79. Just behind them is Mike Davis and Guillaume Blais. “Going into the sprint we were just like ‘as long as you’re in the front row, it’s not that big of a deal,’ but it’s just fun to put up a fast time anyway,” said Davis, who was visibly excited upon hearing their time announced after finishing.

The 3rd fastest time belonged to Wesley Dean and Steve LaJoie with a time of 4:50.91.

Rounding out the top 5 and the elusive positions in row 1 are Logan Mynar and Clay Wyatt as they finished with a 4:59 and the team of Kyles, Kyle Stonehouse and Kyle Mynar finished in 5th with a 5:02.

You can check out the full list of times from time trials here.


The race will be livestreamed on our website starting at 8:30 P.M.

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