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Iron Fish Distillery to host Hats and Horses Kentucky Derby Party

BENZIE COUNTY — Iron Fish Distillery is saddling up for one of their biggest annual events: the 7th Hats and Horses Kentucky Derby Party. People will be decked out in their best hats and bow ties for the occasion.

Proceeds this year will go towards the nonprofit Big Bear Sportsman’s Club Bikes for Kids program, a way for people to get bicycles either for work or play in Northern Michigan.

Along with viewing the Kentucky Derby at Iron Fish, you can also play yard games, eat food and watch a live horse race.


“We do a lot of events that support community here, raise a lot of money for different organizations. It’s just a big part of what we are and what we care about, just like so many other great businesses in the region,” said Sarah Anderson, Iron Fish Distillery partner. “They’ve all been great. And I think this year’s going to be amazing too.”

You can find you tickets for Saturday, May 4 by clicking here.

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