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This Earth Day, you told us these are your favorite places to enjoy nature

Question of the Week

This Earth Day, we asked 9&10 News followers, “What’s your favorite place to enjoy nature?” Some of the people who responded named local places (because it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, if we do say so ourselves!), some picked places out west, and some said anywhere there aren’t people, a sentiment we can certainly relate to.

We’ve rounded up the top answers below, so check it out, you might just find a new favorite place to go! Just don’t all go there at once. ...

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Here’s what you told us:


Right in my lil’ hood, Mayfield Pond Park by Kingsley. - Jami Bigham

Rugg Pond (Kalkaska) with the beautiful swans. - Kristy Parzych

Johnson Lake Paradise/Eckerman in UP. - Tobbe Lynn


South Manitou Island. - Karen Grody

Anywhere in Michigan. - Glenda Gaffka

Porcupine Mountains in the UP. - Shelly Morgan

Manistee beaches. - Marcella Leusby


Sleeping Bear Dunes. - Bill Vogel

Nothing better than a backwoods lake. - Backwoods Heathen

Tied: Jordan River Valley and the Pigeon River State Forest. - Mike Heath

Anywhere north of Highway 10. Preferably St Helen’s fishing, hunting or camping. - Bob Gallagher


Nichols Lake and Campground. - Cynthia Holli Kadwell

Fishing on Lake Michigan or any pond, stream, other inland lake in Michigan. On my boat or from the shore. - Charles Stewart

I’d love to be enjoying a wonderfully warm sunny day at my favorite Lake Michigan beach in Ludington but I don’t see that happening (right now). - Doug Bennett


So far, the Grand Canyon. - Cynthia Holli Kadwell

Alaska. - Hunter Joe

Cades Cove in the Great Smokey Mountains. - Terry Cockeram II

Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. - Amber Simon

Red River Gorge, Kentucky. - Nina Speranza

Out west. - Geneva Towne


Pigeon River Country, beautiful, local and peaceful. Yellowstone and Grand Tetons for awe-inspiring views and animal encounters. Yosemite because it’s home. - Loreen Keeth

Since Alaska is so far away I would say right here in Northern Michigan. You don’t have to travel to enjoy nature. - Betty Massey Simon


Anywhere where’s there no people. Getting difficult at times. - Becky Byrd

And lastly, Joe Stevens and Bob Costello simply said, “Outside.” Can’t argue with that!

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