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Hook & Hunting: Officers, first responders could get free licenses under proposed legislation

LANSING — U.P. State Representative Dave Prestin has introduced legislation that would offer free hunting and fishing licenses to first responders and corrections officers.

Prestin said the initiative is part of a broader effort to support workers whose jobs may put them in danger.

Exemptions or discounts on state services already exist for several other groups including military members and senior citizens.

“I think it’s a way to not only spur some renewed activity in hunting and fishing, but also provide a thank you for services rendered,” said Republican Rep. Dave Prestin of Cedar River. “People in these professions, yes, they make a salary, but the cost that they pay, both on their families and on their personal lives and a lot of these jobs, is far above and beyond.”

Prestin says he doesn’t expect anyone to change their career path over this proposal, but he wants those professions to feel supported and appreciated.