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The Four

Lifestyle reporter Rachel shares her family’s famous appetizer for the Super Bowl

Our Lifestyle Reporter Rachel Rademacher mixes things up a bit and takes us into her very own kitchen alongside a special guest, her older sister Tessa Hoffman to make her family’s go-to appetizer for the Super Bowl.

Since the big game is only a couple of days away, you might be digging for a quick and easy dish to pass which is why Rachel will be walking us through how to build the perfect layered nachos which includes easy to find ingredients and little time needed to prep and cook!



x2 bags of tortilla chips

block of cheddar cheese

black beans

refried beans


canned tomatoes with chili’s

canned corn

fresh cilantro

fresh jalapeño


chicken breast (cooked and ready to shred)

sour cream

*any other toppings you may like*

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