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Haley’s Hot Takes: Britany Spears, Ian Ziering, and more!

Carrie Underwood is continuing to make a presence in the fitness community. This past week it was announced that she has partnered with Sirius XM to launch a new fitness station called “Carr-dio by Carrie’s Country”. This station will play high energy workout songs, with some fitness advice from Carrie herself. This is coming after she released her community fitness app called “Fit52″, along with other ventures.

Britany Spears is letting everyone know that she is not back in the studio. In fact, she told her fans that she has no plans of recording new music for herself. However, she will continue to ghostwrite songs for other artists, like she has been doing for the past couple of years.

A former “Love is Blind” contestant is suing Netflix and their production company. Renee Poche claims that her love interest on the show became a “walking red-flag”. During the production of the show producers and Poche, saw her partner become violent and have other issues. However, she was warned about legal action if she left during filming. Should be interesting!


Ian Ziering was involved in an altercation with multiple bikers on New Year’s Eve. In a video obtained by TMZ, it was seen that bikers surrounded his car. He then gets out of the car and gets into a physical altercation with on of the bikers. The other bikers joined into the fight. It is unclear on what caused the interaction and the police have not made an arrests.

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