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After years of mechanical issues, Hersey Township Fire Department receives new fire truck

OSCEOLA COUNTY — The Hersey Township Fire Department is getting a much-needed upgrade after three years of work.

Fire Chief Jack Boden said their issues began back in 2021 when they noticed their fire engine having mechanical issues and a water leak. The village board acknowledged the need and citizens voted for the new fire truck.

Two years later, just before Christmas, the department welcomed the new $400,000 fire engine to their fleet. The new engine holds an extra 150 gallons of water compared to the old one.


Boden said the new truck will not only help the department but also provide greater protection to the people of Hersey.

“One of the biggest things is the reliability of it starting. The truck it replaced had a garden hose in keeping it topped off and ready, where this truck doesn’t, it’s ready to roll,” Boden said.

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