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Munson, TCPD applaud new Michigan laws that increase fines for healthcare worker attacks

TRAVERSE CITY — Patients will now face tougher fines for attacking medical professionals.

The new laws come from two bills that were recently signed that double the fine for assaults on healthcare workers and could lead to up to four years in jail.

Munson’s Director of Safety and Security John Bolde said doctors and nurses across the country and in Northern Michigan are dealing with violence.


“We deal with people who are upset, anxious, worried and they do sometimes become threatening; verbally, physically intimidating and occasionally they get physically violent,” Bolde stated.

Munson works closely with local law enforcement like the Traverse City Police Department and also have a training system for dealing with workplace violence. Munson’s security team handles unruly patients, but when an assault occurs the police respond.

“If the security staff gets assaulted, nurse gets assaulted, doctors, then that turns into a crime,” Cpt. Keith Gillis from the Traverse City Police Department said. “If someone’s up there for medical reasons we want them to get the help that they need, so taking them to jail may not be the answer at the particular time.”

Cpt. Gillis said they will continue to handle assaults the same way they handle always do.


“It’s when it gets to the prosecutor’s office and reviewing who’s involved is going to change,” Cpt. Gillis said.

Overall, Bolde said the new laws will keep both healthcare workers and patients safe.

“This new law is a great step in the right direction, it says loud and clear that we care about our healthcare team,” Bolde said.

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