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Hook & Hunting: Taking classes at Mark Martin’s Fishing Vacation School

CADILLAC — Do you have a significant other who enjoys ice fishing? Well, the perfect gift for them this Christmas might be fishing vacation school.

There are three separate classes at Mark Martin’s Fishing Vacation School. They take place on different dates and three different lakes, Houghton Lake, Mullet Lake and Saginaw Bay.

The first class takes place Jan. 7-10 on Houghton Lake.

Each class will include seminars, guided on ice time and plenty more.

“You got the total package when you come to our school. So there’s a lot of variations to what we do out there. We teach them how to fish, how it how to set up equipment, how to drill holes, how to operate safely on the ice, because you got to be paying attention to that ice all the time,” Mark Martin, the owner of Mark Martin’s Fishing Vacation School, said.

There is a plaque for most improved and biggest fish.

For more information about theses classes, click here.