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Hook & Hunting: Fishing shops getting ready for ice fishing season in Northern Michigan

CADILLAC — Although ice depth is no where near safe yet, temperatures are starting to drop which means ice fishing is right around the corner and it’s the time of year to start prepping gear.

Last year brought an abnormally shorter ice fishing season and most of the people in the southern portion of the state rarely had ice safe to fish on. And while that helped our Northern Michigan fishing shops a little, they are still hopeful for better ice this season.

Christopher Knaisel, the owner of the Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop, said that ice fishing is a cost-effective way to get outside during the winter months.

“As far as like wintertime activities, you know, there’s only so much you can do outside. Nice fish is a good way to get out there. I mean, take the whole family out. You really just need a way to get a hole in the ice. The tackle is really cheap. $100 and your outfitted and do everything you need,” Knaisel said.

The bait shop wants to remind people to during the early season to please use an ice spud to check ice depths and be careful.