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Hook & Hunting: Muzzleloading season opens on Friday

Rifle deer season is coming to a close, but muzzleloading season runs Dec. 1 to 10.

Here are some tips to stay safe out in the woods:

  • Know your weapon, the correct powder and ammunition for it, and the proper depth to seat the bullet in the barrel.
  • Make sure your gun is properly cleaned, preferably after every use.
  • Never leave you gun loaded. It’s not safe, and moisture can collect and cause misfires.

Rodger Little, owner of Shooters Service in Hersey, says muzzleloading season is a great way to keep deer hunting into December.

“It’s an extra week for deer hunters to get out and take advantage of an extended season,” said Little. “There’s controversy over which gun’s best and which gun is not best. But hey, if you can get out and stretch the season out a little extra, deer hunters love that.”

You can find more information on deer season in Michigan here.