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Haley’s Hot Takes: Patrick Dempsey, Katy Perry, and more!

We have a new sexiest man alive! “People” has announced this week that actor Patrick Dempsey has this years title. He became famous in the 80s when he was in “Can’t Buy Me Love”, but I think most people know him as Dr. Derek Shepard in “Grey’s Anatomy”.

Katy Perry has won a part of her breach-of-contract case for the 15 million dollar house she is trying to purchase. Katy bought a house but now the original homeowner is refusing to sell it to her. Carl Westcott claims that he has surgery a few days before the sale and was not in the “right state of mind”. The judge ruled that that was not the case.

In other Katy Perry news, she has ended her Las Vegas residency. This past Saturday, Katy performed in the “Play” residency for the last time. Her partner, Orlando Bloom and their daughter Daisy was there to celebrate. Other celebrities in attendance was Prince Harry, Meghan Markel and Celine Dion.


Megan Fox has released a poetry book called “Pretty Boys are Poisonous”. In this book she talks about how she suffered from a miscarriage and her experience from it. She is currently engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, who has helped get through the pain.

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