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Haley’s Hot Takes: Britney Spears, Pink, and more!

Britney Spears’ new memoir is out! “The Women in Me”, came out this past week and fans are freaking out! She talked about everything in her life, including her relationship with Justin Timberlake and her conservatorship.

In a new interview with “60 Minutes”, pop-star Pink talked about her troubled upbringing. Before her big break, Pink revealed that she almost died of an overdose. Since then, she has never done drugs again.

Meryl Streep has announced that her a husband have been privately separated for 6 years. The couple married in 1978 and have always been private.


Jay-Z finally answered the question, would you rather have 500K or Lunch with Jay-Z? He said that kids should take the money and buy his music to learn from him!

Tyler Perry is the newest creator is make a multi-year deal with Netflix. He is waiting for official news but is excited for the opportunity!!

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