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Hook & Hunting: Making sure your bow is ready for bow hunting deer season

CADILLAC — Archery deer hunting season is about to really ramp up here in the coming weeks, and you will want to make sure your gear is tuned up and ready to make that perfect shot.

Here’s what you should check to make sure your bow is shooting straight:

  • Your cables and strings to make sure they are in good shape
  • For dual cam bows, make sure the cams are in sync with each other
  • Make sure your bow is properly tuned
  • Check arrows and broadheads

“With a properly tuned bow, it means you’re going to be able to make ethical shots. When your bow is not properly tuned, your arrow could have a bad flight and you’re going to wound more deer than you’re actually going to make ethical kills,” Mitchell McEachern, owner of FPS Archery, said.

Archery season in Michigan runs through Nov. 15 and opens back up Dec. 1 through Jan. 1.