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Brewvine: Keeping beer curious at Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City

“Keep beer curious” has been the philosophy for one Northern Michigan brewery since it opened in 2007, and now that motto applies to everything that they do.

The freedom to experiment is what led Right Brain Brewery to create one of their most unique and iconic beers back in 2011, and customers have being going hog wild for it ever since.

Their famous Pig Porter recently made it’s yearly return to the taps at its October release party.

Back by popular demand, the CEO Boardroom Series is another highly anticipated batch of brews that plays off their popular CEO Stout, and it will also be returning to the tops right around Thanksgiving.

But Right Brain Brewery doesn’t limit their unique twists to just their own beers, they even add it to their events.

From events to beer and other beverages, the crew at Right Brain Brewery is always working on something new and unique to offer their customers.

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