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Haley’s Hot Takes: Stevie Nicks, Travis Kelce, and more!

Stevie Nicks is turning into a Barbie doll! Earlier this week Mattel announced that they would make a Barbie that look like Stevie from hit album “Rumours”. This means the doll has a ribboned tambourine and her golden moon necklace. The doll is already sold out, but how cool!

Have you ever wanted to watch an entire movie on TikTok? Well, on October 3rd you could have watched all 23 parts of the hit 2004 movie “Mean Girls” on the social media platform. Paramount+ posted the movie for free and for one day only to celebrate the unofficial holiday for “Mean Girls”.

A court has decided that Lady Gaga does not owe money in reward to the woman who stole her dogs back in 2021. The woman believed she was entitled since she brought them back to Lady Gaga. Crazy story!


Three of the main writers of “The Drew Barrymore Show” have decided not to return to the show now that the strike has ended. This is not surprising, since during the strike Drew Barrymore announced she would start taping without writers and go against the union.

I think America has heard enough about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.... and even Travis agrees. Earlier on his podcast, “New Heights”, his cohost and brother Jason asked if he thought the NFL was taking this budding romance too far. Travis said that he thinks it is great that they highlight celebrities that go to sporting events but it does not have to be the entire game. But agreed with most watchers that the NFL are overdoing it in his situation. The NFL responded stating that they were “leaning into” the pop cultural event, but that they majority of their content is NFL/football related. I don’t know... lets see what happens this weekend!

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