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Hook & Hunting: Lake City business busy with getting hunters ready for deer hunting season

This weekend marks the start of deer hunting season with the Liberty Hunt, where youth and hunters with disabilities get the chance to get the first shot at deer.

Carl’s Sport Center in Lake City has been busy all week helping hunters get ready. Last year, they had a limited supply for guns and ammo because of shortages. But this year, they said they’re fully stocked and believe it’s going to be a great hunting season.

“One of the big thing is make sure their guns are clean, oiled and you got the right ammo A lot of people get in the woods and grab the wrong ammo. Make sure your scopes are the lenses are clean. So you can see through them and focus properly,” Carl Carlson, the owner of Carl’s Sports Center, said.

Deer season is just beginning with next weekend starting early anterless hunting season.