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Hook & Hunting: Get your rods and reels ready for the Benzie Fishing Frenzie

It’s time to get your rods and reels ready for a popular fishing event in Benzie County.

The Benzie Fishing Frenzie takes place Aug. 25-27 in Frankfort. Events include the Lucky 7 Prelim, Ladies Classic, as well as a professional and amateur competition.

Winners could win a big amount of cash with the top prize last year being over $18,000.

“If you’ve never done a fishing tournament before, I urge you to come out and check it out. This is a really good event to get involved in if it is your first tournament, because we have so many different things we pay out. We have different prizes for smallest fish. We have prizes for largest fish. We have prizes for the largest box of each day,” Steve Joslin, the Benzie Fishing Frenzie Tournament Director, said.

The tournament is open to all ages.

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