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Haley’s Hot Takes: Lawsuits & Taylor Swift

What a crazy week!

To kick things off, Lizzo is in some trouble for allegedly creating a hostile work environment for her dancers. This is coming out because three former dancers are suing Lizzo, her production company, and her dance captain for making them uncomfortable at work. In the lawsuit, there are many examples of how the work place was toxic.

Lizzo has released a statement denying the allegations.


Another lawsuit is against Dua Lipa. A musician Bosko Kante, is accusing her for using a “talk box” instrument that he invented in remixes of her song “Levitating”. This is the third lawsuit that is a associated with the 2020 hit.

In BIG NEWS... Taylor Swift is amazing! She is giving $55 million to her entire tour crew for the success of the Era’s Tour. This includes everyone who made all the North America shows possible.

Also Taylor Swift has announced more shows in North America!! She will be coming to Miami, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Toronto in 2024. Time to get more tickets!

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