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Get festive for summer with The Effortless Girl

Using just a pool noodle, some paint, and a pillow you can make your home fun and festive for the summer. Julie Loven “The Effortless Girl” bring you simple DIY projects that will not break the bank and in most cases, are fun for the whole family.

Summer Decor Pillows:

  • Pool Noodle
  • Paint (make sure you pick something non-toxic. Can use multiple colors)
  • Pillow

Cut your pool noodle into 3-4 inch pieces. Put your paint on a paper plate for easy clean up. Dip your noodle piece into the paint and hold for a few moments to allow the paint to fully cover the noodle. Then transfer the paint to the pillow. Again, hold for a few moments to make sure the paint has time to adhere to the cloth pillow.


For more great DIY projects like this one visit the Effortless Girl website for more information.

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