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Tradition continues as family and friends swim across Lake Cadillac

A tradition that dates back from decades ago, continues this 4th of July. A group of swimmers comprised of family and friends from Wexford County met up Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. to start the day.

The group boats to the Southwest end of Lake Cadillac near Sunnyside Dr. where they jump into the water to begin their swim.

The group of swimmers make the nearly mile long swim across the width of Lake Cadillac with safety boats nearby, helping the group to safely accomplish their yearly 4th of July tradition.


“So my dad he did it with his friends when he was a kid and my sister couldn’t let it go and so she did it one year and then after that all of us joined in and it turned into kind of a little family community thing,” said swimmer Lizzie Nelson about how the tradition has been passed down.

Another part of the tradition, the swimmers enjoy a well deserved breakfast at Cheryl’s Landing.

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