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United Way’s Family Adventure Challenge gets kids and families outdoors

During the summer, families are always looking for ways to make it a good day.

United Way of Northwest Michigan is here to help with the family adventure challenge. This regional letterboxing activity is happening between now and Sept. 1 to provide families with young children, ages 2-8, a way to enjoy regional parks, build early literacy skills, and have fun exploring together.

Across the region, parent leaders selected parks and wrote clues to help families participate in a letterboxing activity (a low-tech youth version of geocaching) to learn language concepts and have fun exploring our natural spaces. Letterboxing is an old-fashioned pastime where families have a stamp with an ink pad of their own and share their stamp in log books hidden in a variety of locations. Families also use the hidden rubber stamp in designated locations to stamp in their own log book to complete the challenge and can earn prizes.

Missy Smith from United Way of Northwest Michigan tells us more. You can get more information and sign up here.