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Hook & Hunting: Pilgrim’s Village in Cadillac hosting summer fishing contest

People are breaking out those fishing poles and trying to reel in the big one in a little friendly fishing competition.

Pilgrim’s Village in Cadillac is hosting their 12th Annual Summer Fishing Contest. The contest doesn’t have an entry free and the fish that qualify must be found in Michigan lakes.

There are 10 species and the fishermen with the longest catch from each species will win a $50 gift card and be placed in a drawing to win a $300 gift certificate.

The owner of Pilgrim’s Village Chritopher Knaisel says he’s excited to kick off another year and see all the monster catches come in.

“Every years a little different. You know, it starts off strong and then throughout the summer it slows down and then usually in the last week or two all of a sudden misters start showing up… I’ve seen bluegills as big and round as basketballs, we’ve had some big pike come in before. Usually we see really nice bass every year too. Ever species we see a pretty decent one by the end of the contest,” Knaisel said.

The contest started this month and runs until Sept. 9.

You must have a picture with the fish and it must be measured at Pilgrim’s Village Fishing Shop in Cadillac to qualify.