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Hook and Hunting: Angler tournaments take center stage in Manistee County

The fish are biting in Manistee this weekend. The Manistee County Sport Fishing Association is having a big weekend with tournaments all weekend long.

It started Wednesday with Free Kids’ Fish Day.

Friday is Captain Fred’s Ladies Classic.


Women anglers have the chance to win cash prizes of up to $25,000. They just have to weigh their best five fish and outweigh other anglers. The Ladies Classic Pro/Am has been welcoming women anglers for the last 16 years.

Logan Skiera, the vice president of Manistee County Sport Fishing Association says the event is a win-win.

“It is awesome. I mean, a lot of people, even in their lifetime, do not get a chance to get out on Lake Michigan, let alone get to do it often or let alone chase down some prize money and catch a big salmon and win some money doing it,” said Skiera.

This weekend’s wraps up with the Manistee County’s Premier Fishing Tournament, the Tri-Port Challenge Pro-Am. The event is broken down into two categories, amateur and pro. Amateurs have the chance to win $5,000 and the 1st place prize for Pros is $10,000.

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