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Haley’s Hot Takes: The Grammy’s, The Beatles and More

It’s a day full of Hot Takes this Friday!

To start things off we had to talk about some of the new Grammy categories! Announced on Tuesday, the new categories are Best African Music Performance, Best Alternative Jazz Album, and Best Pop Dance Recording. I think these are great new additions and I cannot wait to see who will be the first winner of each award!

I feel like AI has been taking over the world! Well its moving into the music world now too. Paul McCartney told BBC that producers used AI to help mix a new Beatles’ song to use John Lennon’s voice. Isn’t that crazy!? The song started as a demo that both Lennon and McCartney worked on years ago. I don’t really know how to feel about it, it makes me nervous for the future of music!


Of course, I has to give a big recap of how my night at the Era’s Tour was! Can you believe it was a week ago?! The show was absolutely incredible, she sang for three full hours with little breaks. It was a real experience and I think even if you only knew a little bit about her you would have enjoyed it! That night, my fellow Swifties were so nice and there was a lot of friendship bracelet trading. What a night!

Tune in every Friday on Good Day for Haley’s Hot Takes!

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