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Hook & Hunting: 49th Annual Michigan Brown Trout Festival Coming Back to Alpena in July

It’s almost time to break out the rods and reels for a little friendly competition.

The Michigan Brown Trout Festival is happening a month from now in Alpena, and registration for the tournaments is opening soon. It’s a 10 day festival from July 14-23 and it’s packed with fun for the entire family and all ages.

It mixes fishing tournaments with live music and entertainment, and is a huge part of Alpena’s summer tourism.

“It’s one of the most important events, I think, that take place and the summer. And everyone looks forward to it. Like I said, it’s the 49th annual,” Peggy Donakowski, the Michigan Brown Trout Festival, President.

For more information about the festival and to sign up to the tournaments, click here.