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BrewVine: Frosty Refresh at MiddleCoast Brewing Company

Summer is around the corner, and with more warm temperatures on the way you might be looking for a cool drink.

Chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson and David Lyden headed to MiddleCoast Brewing Company to find out their line up of drinks that will hit the spot on a warm day.

The Traverse City Brewery is getting ready for summer with their ice cold beers, frozen cocktails and kid friendly slushies. You can enjoy the drinks in their beer garden or on the patio.

If you’re looking for a good time to head over to the brewery, June is a special month for MiddleCoast. It is the birth-month of the brewery along with the co-owners Joel Mulder and Deven Larrance. With June being a big month, they plan to host a party to celebrate.

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