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One Simple Emoji Is Unifying People In the Fight Against Antisemitism

May is Jewish American History Month, and organizations nationwide are joining together to celebrate Jewish heritage while continuing to combat the rising threat of antisemitism.

Executive director of the non-profit Foundation to Combat Antisemitism, Mathew Berge, is here to tell us more about their mission, and how they’re using a simple blue square emoji to unite people against hatred.

“Join us in a nationwide campaign centered around standing up to Jewish hate by using the blue square emoji as a unifying symbol of support and solidarity. Post this graphic with the hashtag #StandUpToJewishHate and include a blue square in your post. This blue square is 2.4% of this image, the same size as the Jewish population in the U.S. Yet, Jews are the victims of 55% of religious-based hate crimes. We need 100% of your support to stand up against antisemitism. Hate against one group breeds hate against others.” - @StandWithUs