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BrewVine: Soul Squeeze Cellars in Leelanau County Starts New Courtship

For this week’s BrewVine David Lyden and chief photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to Soul Squeeze Cellars in Leelanau County where the winery has started a new courtship with a major Motown brand.

Soul Squeeze Cellars was taking part in the Detroit Wine and Food Festival when they were discovered by representatives from the Detroit Pistons.

A week later and the winery was in talks to become the official wine of the Pistons.

The Boutique winery and the NBA team have already started to bridge the gap between Lake Leelanau and Detroit.

“Our logo and our brand have a presence at Little Caesars Arena,” Luke Pickelman, the owner of Soul Squeeze Cellars, said. “We have a Soul Squeeze branded wine bar in their Pistons performance center in downtown Detroit, which is really good exposure for us. There’s a number of other brand awareness opportunities that they that they offer. There’s a Piston Soul Squeeze wine club that’ll be available later this year where Pistons fans can join up and become a member of this wine club, get deals from the Pistons, get deals from Soul Squeeze. It’s a pretty unique and cool combination, really.”

Soul Squeeze is working on a special wine for the Pistons and their fans to enjoy during the upcoming basketball season.

And here at home the winery is focused on expanding the deck and improving the outdoor space, and giving their down-state and local customers a taste of Northern Michigan.