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5 movies to watch this Earth Day

The environment might not seem like an exciting topic for Hollywood to tackle, but there have been a surprising number of films made around this theme. And if you include nature documentaries, the list grows exponentially.

This Earth Day, we decided to give our 9&10 News family some viewing suggestions. But bear in mind that we couldn’t possibly fit everyone’s favorites on this list, so please be sure to head to our Facebook page to let us know what your favorites are!

Without further ado, here are our top five movie suggestions for Earth Day.


For Kids


This Dr. Seuss story was made into an animated movie in 2012 starring the voice talents of Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Jenny Slate and Betty White, among others. It’s similar to the book but expands on the tale, and the message essentially is: We need nature. While the wealthy magnate Once-ler pushes plastic trees and environmental catastrophe, the Lorax teaches the importance of nature. This is visually fun, not too preachy and just a good all-around kids movie.


It’s a post-apocalyptic kids film about possibly the last sentient being on Earth, WALL-E the robot. Humans made such a mess of the planet that they had to desert it, and WALL-E eventually tries to get the humans to come back. Despite its heavy subject, this is an engaging film, and as one 9&10 News employee remarked, “Because of this movie, my kids don’t litter.”


For Adults


This blockbuster sci-fi disaster film starring Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sela Ward, Emmy Rossum and Ian Holm is super fun - and super terrifying. It gets a little ridiculous at times, but it’s fun and has a good message: The Earth needs our help, and if we don’t lend a hand, a lot of people are going to die. Again, it’s not entirely realistic, but it’s fun to watch, and it’ll get people thinking about how they can avoid “the day after tomorrow.”


This one’s not a blockbuster, but it’s important on a smaller scale. The film stars Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich, and it tells the real-life story of how Brockovich took on the Pacific Gas & Electric Company because they contaminated groundwater in California. It’s a compelling story about one person trying to make a difference.


For Everyone


There are so many nature documentaries available that’s it hard to suggest just one. But at the heart of the genre is David Attenborough, so we’ll pick this one. The affable Englishman has spent a lifetime educating people about nature, and in this look back at his career, he also takes a look at the planet and how drastically things have changed over his lifetime. It’s an important film, and if this is your first Attenborough, boy, are you in for a treat!

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