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Hook & Hunting: The DNR is Off the Hook and Ready to Cast More Fishing Lessons

Steelhead fishing lessons are on the way at Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center.

People will get to learn about the strategies and techniques it takes to reel in what the DNR calls the ‘mean’ fish. The steelhead is known as Michigan’s Chrome Torpedoes since the silvery colored fish can grow more than thirty inches long and puts up a fight.

The Seasonal Interpreter, John Zakrajsek, says that steelheads can be very strong and they wouldn’t typically recommend younger children participating.

“We would probably recommend 12 and up and something like that simply because when we actually go fishing on the river, you’re waiting in the river to some extent. We try to keep of course we keep everything safety first, but youngsters sometimes struggle a little more,” Zakrajsek said.

Steelhead lessons will be held on April 15 through April 16. The DNR says that they’ll be offering more fishing lessons in the future that will be updated on the Carl T. Johnson Hunting and Fishing Center website.