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Hook & Hunting: DNR Conducts Inland Water Surveys

The DNR has been studying inland waters in Michigan that they say are critical to successful management of the diverse fisheries in the state.

More than 270 inland fisheries surveys were completed across the Michigan. The DNR said crews conducted 172 surveys of Michigan lakes and 99 surveys of streams.

DNR official, Jim Francis, said the surveys are helpful for tracking fish populations, evaluating fish stocking efforts for anglers and addressing angler concerns.

“We’re monitoring the populations to make sure things are going well. And we’re also evaluating our management programs, specifically stocking and habitat projects. So we just want to make sure anglers know that we’re out there collecting their data and that it is available if they go to the website,” said Francis.

The DNR said they conduct the surveys every year but with some 11,000 inland lakes, they rotate which lakes they survey.

For more information on where to find the data from the surveys, please click here.