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Hook & Hunting: Check the Ice as You Head Out to Fish

The weather may have made for a rough year of ice fishing in some spots, but Lake Mitchell in Cadillac has had ice all season.

As we head towards spring, the weather is beginning to warm up. That means you should be extra cautious if you’re planning to head out on the ice this weekend.

Pilgrim’s Village in Cadillac says the ice melts a lot faster than it takes to form, and they want to remind folks to bring their ice spud and check the ice as they head out to their spot.

“We’ve got these long days [where] the sun is really beating on the ice a lot harder. It’s going to be time when you have to start using your ice spud again pretty soon. Even though it’s still pretty thick – there’s a foot of ice behind us right now – it won’t take very many warm days and a lot of sunlight to really start to erode that,” said Christopher Knaisel, owner of Pilgrim’s Village.

Look out for texture differences in the ice as you head out. As it gets warmer, the ice’s texture will change from a cube to more of a honeycomb.