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Hook & Hunting: Being Safe on Deteriorating Ice, Removing Ice Shanties

Northern Michigan is traditionally a hotspot for ice fishing in the cold winter months, but for many, ice fishing just hasn’t been optimal with the extreme weather fluctuations that occurred this year.

The changes in temperature has caused ice to quickly deteriorate, which is making conditions very dangerous for those that choose to go out regardless.

The DNR is advising anglers to watch out for deteriorating ice if they choose to go out, and that they should take responsibility for their own shanties left out on thin ice. And for many Northern Michigan counties, these ice shanties are required to be packed up and taken off the ice by March 15.

They also suggest finding alternatives for those that still seek to enjoy the sport.

“Ultimately the consequence is you could lose your life over going fishing, and we don’t want that. Safety is of the utmost importance. It’s a priority for our department so that you go home safe to your family and there are alternative recreating from a boat from shore. Those would be my suggestions for fishing activity going forward,” Acting F/Lt. Jeff Rabbers with the Michigan DNR Law Enforcement said.

For more information on deteriorating ice and all the tips on how to be safe on the ice from the DNR, click here.