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Hook & Hunting: Alternatives to Firearm Hunting Season

Regular firearm season ended Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives for those that missed the opportunity to score a harvest.

An alternative is archery hunting, which starts Thursday and ends at the start of the new year. Or if you prefer hunting with a firearm, muzzleloader season starts Friday and continues for nine days.

Sporting good shops says that hunters should look to take more does these later seasons due to the unequal buck to doe ration.

“They’re starting to be a little more of a push in Michigan for people to shoot more does. We have a pretty unbalanced back to dole ratio in Michigan being that we now have better incentives and better tag management to be able to take more goals,” Mitchell McEachern, owner of FPS Archery and Firearms, says.

For those that want to choose between harvesting a buck or doe, you can now take either with your combo hunting license.

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