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Brewvine: Aurora Cellars Releases New Vintages

It’s the time of year that has looking forward to the coming growing season while they get ready to release the fruits of last year’s labor.

The winemakers at Aurora have been busy bottling and plan to add some of their new vintages to the cellars shelves very soon.

“We finally get to finish everything we’ve been working on,” said winemaker Drew Perry. “This is the early spring release so we’re getting a lot of things like pinot grigio into the bottle, sauvignon blanc and things like gruner veltliner, and that’s actually one of the wines we’re really excited about that actually just coming back out. We had sold out of it so it’s fun to get wines like that back out.”

In spite of the occasional reminder of winter, is excited for guests to make their way back out to the winery to enjoy a taste of their new wine and maybe a bit of normalcy.

“Aurora is a family friendly environment,” said Perry. “It’s a nice kind of countryside environment where people can just relax, enjoy a glass of wine outside or inside, and just enjoy themselves with friends and family.”