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Brewvine: Mackinaw Brewing Company Welcomes Familiar Faces Back In

For nearly three months, in downtown Traverse City had to close up shop due to covid restrictions but just this week, they were finally able to open their doors to their loyal customers.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to the brewery in this week’s Brewvine.

“Seeing some of the regulars faces coming back in and getting a chance to interact with customers again, it was really nice for us and not to mention seeing all the employees again, it was a lot of fun,” said bartender and server Adam Cook.

While the brewery missed their regulars, all of that down time gave brew master, Mike Dwyer, plenty of time to craft some new lagers.

From dark German beers to pale ales and everything in between, a quick look at the tap list and you’ll find that they have several authentic ales and lagers to choose from.

also has one of the best mug club membership deals that you’ll find in Northern Michigan.

Their mug club membership gets you discounts on food, drinks, some special swag, and of course, your name on the wall.

“It’s $50 for the entire life there’s no annual fees,” said Cook. “You get a free meal every year on your birthday. You also get 10% off every time you come in. One of the nice things about it too when you come in is instead of having a standard pint sized glass you actually get one of our nice big beer mugs to drink out of when you’re in here.”