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Brewvine: Four Leaf Brewing’s Unique To-Go Brews

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to for a look at their new brews and how you can enjoy them at home.

“Now we do have the new canning machine so that people can drop by after work and grab a four pack of Four Leaf beer and go and they don’t have to like run into a grocery store with 100 other people, and back out,” said Steve Swaney, head brewer of . “They can come in here and pretty nice environment, and just grab a six pack and go or get dinner and go.”

This isn’t your average six-pack.

The new canning machine allows Four Leaf to fill the 19 ounce imperial-pints straight from the tap.

The cans also help keep your frosty brew fresh.

“You open up a growler, you got 64 ounces of beer that’s open, and you don’t want to waste it so he kind of rushed through it,” he said. “A lot of people like our Gose which is a sour beer but you know, you don’t usually sit down and drink more than a pint at a time have a sour beer, you usually kind of sip through it so it’s very convenient for those limited edition beers that we have on the side.”

It’s not just beer that you can get to-go.

Anything they have on tap can go from their keg, to your can.

As we approach the New Year, Four Leaf is cranking out new beer with flavor profiles across the board.

The brewery is having fun with flavor by using anything from bourbon barrels, to heat and sweet for their upcoming releases.

“Cops and Doughnuts beer. We’ve got a beer with that. We put bear claws into the beer and also, about four gallons of their icing so, if you like a sweet brown, this is definitely a good one for you, a limited release for us,” said Steve. “Also we have dark mild. That’d be on tap next. And a smoked jalapeno brown that will be on tap in a week or two. We like to mix it up. We’re a brew pub, we have the ability to play around with our beers and so we take advantage of it.”