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Brewvine: Warming You Up This Winter at Two K Farms

As Northern Michigan works its way toward winter, Two K Farms in Leelanau County has a couple ways to keep their customers nice and warm.

Whitney Amann and Photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you there for this week’s Brewvine.

“It is a perfect thing to have this year with all of the outdoor seating that we’re seeing right now,” said tasting room manager Nicole Schulte. “So to be able to offer a nice warm option has been pretty fruitful and the customers really enjoy it.”

With the weather turning colder, Two K Farms has a warm, mulled apple wine that is keeping their customers from feeling the chill of winter.

Colonnade is the star of this spiced seasonal specialty.

“We just took two bottles of our apple wine, we put it in a crock pot, put a little bit of brown sugar in all spice, some cinnamon and it’s all based on preference of how you like it to taste but we do have like a pretty standard recipe that we use here that you can follow to start and then change or add if need be,” she said. “Perfect for the holidays, have a big crock pot, it makes the room smell good, you know it’s warm.”

While the mulled wine will warm your insides, the igloos and fire pits out on the patio will help heat the rest of you and give you some social distance.

“So we’re just trying to do everything in our best efforts to remain open but also keep the safety of our guests in our staff, forefront and our day to day procedures and activities here,” said Nicole “So we got a beautiful fire pit outside too so on days, if it’s not raining or snowing, it is a good option if you don’t want to be inside an igloo but you can always sit by the fire or we will have some heated spots outdoors.”

The cidery and winery is also excited about the release of their 2019 rose cider that is made up of four different red fleshed apples grown right on site.

“Last year’s was phenomenal. That was only a three red fleshed apple blend. So kind of have that extra apple thrown into the blend this year is kind of exciting,” she said. “This vintage, particularly is a little bit drier than last one but the flavors, the consistency of that very similar to last year. So if you try it, you’re going to get some strawberry notes and watermelon. It’s kind of got these real candied flavors to it but it’s not sweet by any means. So just a lot of pink fruit notes.”