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Brewvine: Peninsula Cellars

“They love the schoolhouse and its history in itself but we definitely see a lot of people who have heard of the ghost stories,” said operations director of Caitlin Hammond.

Halloween is a time for spooky stories and the employees at have plenty of those thanks to a particular schoolhouse specter.

“We are joined by a spirit named Augustus who was a former educator here a male educator who had then been released from his duties, if you will, for a woman, which he wasn’t very fond of and he’s not a big fan of changes,” she said. “So he wanted to make his presence known for myself and the team, who was really the boss here at the schoolhouse.”

The sound of children’s footsteps, out of place pictures, and volume changes on the sound system are the work of Augustus and some adolescent apparitions.

“I thought an employee was here early and I was surprised to hear that they would be there that soon, so I shouted up the staircase to come join me and help me with the project I was working on and there was no response and I came upstairs and there was no one so he likes to remind me, occasionally of his presence, for sure,” she said.

You may not experience any spirits on your visit to but you can try out their new ciders, sample some of their reserve reds, or try a new sparkling wine called “I’ll Drink to That”.

“It’s a sparkling white, it’s the drier end of things with just a splash of pinot noir gives it just a little hint of pink but it’s a wonderful way to toast any celebration and the label inspired kind of what we’ve learned over 2020, that it’s about the little moments and the small things,” said Caitlin.

There is always a lesson to be learned at the school house or even from the historic building itself.

“All the unknowns and all the changes it’s been through other pandemics, world wars, financial crisis, it’s been through a lot and it served as such a great inspiration to me and I think our employees over the course of the last six months that we’re going to get through it and we’re going to get through it together,” she said.