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Brewvine: Jolly Pumpkin

From décor to desserts and drinks — pumpkins are everywhere.

In this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to on Old Mission Peninsula to talk about their autumn themed ales.

“A lot of people see as a destination, especially in the fall,” said marketing manager for Mission Restaurant Group Megan Warden. “The drive out on Old Mission is absolutely stunning and then our property is really beautiful as well we get a ton of color just here on our property. The name I think resonates fall to a lot of people so a lot of people add it so their fall bucket list, and it’s just a great place to come in the fall.”

The colorful leaves may be a beautiful sight on your way to the but it’s the beer that brings customers back time after time.

A seasonal beer that makes an appearance during the fall season is the one that made the brewery live up to its name.

“We have our wild beers that are more on the sour side and we have everyone’s beloved ‘la parcela’, which is our fall seasonal beer. ‘La parcela’s’ kind of a running joke at ” said Megan. “For the longest time, we didn’t have a pumpkin beer. When everyone would always ask, why doesn’t have a pumpkin beer and so finally we brewed a pumpkin beer.”

It took four years before they got onboard with the gourd and decided to pour pumpkin into their pint glasses.

It’s been a fall favorite ever since.

“It’s packed full of real pumpkins, not made with puree but with real pumpkins spices and a little bit of cocoa so it’s got that nice sweetness that you would get from those four flavors, but then with your traditional tartness, since it is a sour beer,” she said.

This is also the first year they are offering the wild pumpkin ale in more a approachable, portable can.

“With the uptick of to-go beer being the thing right now, we do have all of our selections that are on draft available to go in growlers and then we do have both six packs and four packs of both and North Peak beers so we have a wide variety something for everybody, that they can take to go either with their to go food or after dining in the restaurant,” said Megan.