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Brewvine: Rare Bird Brewpub

For years, the crew over at in Traverse City have been crafting more than just their signature beers.

In this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson show you how the brewery is really tapping into their unique cocktail program.

“Creating a recipe for beer, you get to know the ingredients and how they act together and so it’s been kind of a fun progression and learning experience for me coming up with cocktail recipes, so I guess I’m just the in house beverage creator,” said owner Tina Schuett. “So just easily transition to that and having a lot of fun with it.”

It all started around four years ago with an on-tap margarita that is still a hit with their customers today.

But it didn’t stop there.

has been crafting the kegged cocktails ever since and plans to keep expanding the program.

“So currently we have seven cocktails on tap that we’re making, we just added a cold brew martini. So that one’s fun, it’s pushed with nitrogen so it gets like a nice creamy head on it,” said Tina. “And we just introduced a Montana mule. So good, fresh local ginger beer and whiskey, and we’re just going to keep growing it and have hopefully maybe 10 to 15 on this winter.”

Right now you can enjoy those cocktails or their version of an Oktoberfest called “La Alemana” at the cozy bar or outside in their heated tent.

“We’re going to keep this going outside as long as we can and throughout the winter adding some more geometric domes or igloos and, yeah, it’s just been a fun, fun way to keep people coming out feel safe and also trying to keep them warm now that it’s getting cold,” she said.

If you’d rather not brave the colder weather, offers ways to carry out their cocktails and craft brews to enjoy at home.

“Pretty much all of them will be available to go. So, if people aren’t comfortable coming in here they can still try everything, and just trying to keep it safe,” said Tina. “We’ve got all different sizes now, because at first it was only 32 ounce so now we have think all the way down to a pint so 16 ounce. So it just makes it more approachable and not so much of a commitment if you want to just try the different ones.”