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Brewvine: Petoskey Brewing

Hard seltzers have been growing in popularity over the past couple years, which has local brewers experimenting with their own craft seltzers.

In this week’s Brewvine, we take you to where they are working on some new suds and seltzers.

“Just like everybody, this summer and this year has been a struggle so far you know and you work very hard to adapt to the different things that are going on or the different guidelines or the different ways to keep customers safe,” said operations manager Tyler Gostinger. “Luckily a few years ago we built our beer garden out back and we have all of the tables six feet apart so everybody can be out there and safe.”

One of the beers you will soon be able to safely enjoy out in the beer garden is a new IPA called the “wanderlust” that takes hops from all around the world and puts them together in one glass.

“So we have U.S.. hops, European hops, South African hops, New Zealand hops all in one beer,” he said. “It’s very citrusy and tropical and these hops just really impart a good flavor in the beer and it’s easy IPA to kick back and we’re also doing a light version of that.”

If you’re looking for another low calorie thirst quencher, is crafting a few hard seltzers to choose from.

They currently have blueberry-lemon, cucumber-lime, and Michigan cherry.

“We actually use King Orchards cherry concentrate in it,” said Gostinger. “When you’re talking about flavoring the seltzers and stuff and you’re using these natural flavors and natural extracts to get the flavors that you want, sometimes it’s hard to use local products in that and we’re just happy that we were able to introduce local products into a product like a seltzer.”

Clocking in at 5% alcohol and only 110 calories they make for a light, balanced, refreshing summertime sip.

But just like with their beers, is already working to come up with some seasonal flavors that you may find on tap throughout the year.

“I don’t think it’s just going to be summertime, I think that seltzers are now a huge segment,” he said. “There’s major brands out there and then there’s craft seltzers and we haven’t seen too big of a push yet out of craft seltzers and most breweries are working on a project or a lot of them are to bring craft seltzers to the market and it’s really exciting to have a transition like this in the industry and be able to produce that for our customers.”