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Brewvine: Stiggs Brewery and Kitchen

“These are the best drinks for summertime in the heat, especially in this 90 degree weather we’ve been having,” said owner Mike Castiglione.

has a bar full of ways to beat the summer heat.

You can cool down with one of their signature brews or their new seltzer.

“With our ‘Horton Bay Hefeweizen’ the focus is on wheat, we use three different types of wheat,” said Mike. “So it’s slightly hazy, get a little bit of that wheat flavor, crisp and refreshing. When you jump over to our seltzer, our blackberry-lime seltzer obviously the blackberry and lime come through pretty heavily. It’s a little bit tart, a little crisp, definitely a good lawnmower beer or hot summer day beer as we like to call them.”

“Master of Beer”, Mike says they like to keep a good variety on tap for their customers but leans toward the lighter beers in the summer.

“We’ll probably do another round or two of seltzers, a lot of IPA’s, pale ales, a few stouts, a few porters this time of year but we’ll mostly focus on the light and refreshing during the summertime,” he said.

In addition to all of the usual covid precautions like separating tables and wearing masks, Stiggs is also adding to its outdoor seating so people can enjoy a night out.

“We’re going to be actually putting a tent up, a 20 by 40 tent in our parking lot to do some more social distancing outside and we’re going to keep doing our live music every Friday and Saturday night and try to keep everyone as safe as we can,” said Mike. “Spreading the tables apart and hoping everyone can come down to Stiggs and still have a good time during COVID.”

And if you’re not sure about spending time at the bar, you can still order any of their food or drinks to go.

“We still have a full menu here at Stiggs,” he said. “Some of our more popular items are ‘Mighty Mac’ and out ‘Stiggs Burger’ with the bacon jam and a sunny-side egg up on top. We’ve got howlers, growlers, and prowlers that’s 64, 32, 16 ounces respectively for take home and we also have canned cocktails to go as well if you want a mixed drink to go.”