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Brewvine: Right Brain Brewery

The arrival of the first full day of spring has the brewers at switching from heavier winter beers to something a bit lighter.

Even during this coronavirus pandemic, you can still order carry out all week starting at 2 p.m.

“Spring is upon us and people don’t want a big heavy beer, they want something easy drinking, something that could quench their thirst,” said owner Russell Springsteen.

With 30 handles to pull from, the patrons at Right Brain always have a long list of brews to choose from for that thirst quenching beer.

With the arrival of spring, they have some new releases that will help you shake off the long winter.

“So the ‘Cherry-Lime Who Gose There’ is 4.2% alcohol, it’s going to have a little bit of tartness,” he said. “It has obviously local cherries from Traverse City, it’s an easy drinking, thirst quenching beer. On hot summer days when the brewers come out this is the beer that they go for so it’s a pretty fun beer.”

If you’re not ready to put away those shamrocks just yet they can pour you a pint of “Get Lucky”.

“We made a lucky charms beer, so it’s a blonde ale that will be on nitro and we poured a whole bunch of lucky charms into that so a little more cereal and marshmallows,” said Russell.

The brewers at Right Brain not only keep up with the changing seasons but also the ever changing drinking trends.

“They’re trending away from the real high alcohol beers that were here a few years ago so things change quickly in our industry and you need to stay on our feet and change with them,” he said. “We also have ‘Ring Finger’ is our new low alcohol IPA. That will be at 3.8% alcohol and that’s made with all local hops. Cascade, chinook, and centennial from right here at MI Local Hops here in Traverse City.”

From their trendy “Helter Seltzers” to their premium brews like the “Thai Peanut” or “Pig Porter”, Right Brain Brewery is always creating something curious for their customers.

“I think what sets us apart is our ability to make creative beers,” said Russell. “We can make easy two style beers which people appreciate and drink a fair amount of, but we can do some crazy beers as well. Try to keep it interesting. Keep beer curious.”