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Brewvine: Clam Lake Beer Company

Longer days and peeks of sunshine have the brewers at in Cadillac thinking spring.

We take you there to find out about a new porter that will help melt away the winter blues, in this week’s Brewvine.

“Looking forward for the spring season, our brewer Adam, has a lot of new recipes coming out,” said bar manager, Josh Clark. “He’s always playing around with the darker stouts and porters.”

All of that playing around lead to a new porter that will be dispensed at taproom in the next couple weeks.

“It’s called our graveyard palm,” he said. “It’s a nice robust porter that has a coconut undertone, finishes with a little bit of bitterness but overall a very well balanced beer, good for those cool winter days.”

They’re hoping this beverage will help their customers palates bridge the gap from winter to spring.

“Hopefully for the early spring and the turn of the season, yeah we’re looking for something a little more flavorful to remind us of those warmer days that are hopefully coming soon,” said Josh. “Moving out of dark winter beers and trying to get into that spring, refreshing going into more of the citrus-y and fruity flavors coming toward spring.”

If you’re looking for a brick fired pizza or a juicy burger to go with your brew, the chefs at Clam Lake are always ready to prepare something from their lunch and dinner menu to pair perfectly with any porter from their beer menu.

“The coconut porter, it will pair well with the burgers and the steak entrees and then it will just stand alone kind of remind you of being on the beach with that coconut flavor,” he said. “Remind you of the suntan lotion and warmer days.”

With 40 handles at the bar to choose from and new beers being created all the time, there’s no shortage of stouts, porters, ales and IPA’s to try.

“I think it’s our contrast of food and beer and the ability to have the multiple handles to not just offer our own beer but to highlight everyone else and that allows us to let everyone have what they are looking for, for their palate type,” said Josh.