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Brewvine: Rare Bird Brewpub

In this week’s Brewvine, we take you to in Traverse City where creativity mixed with chemistry is always on tap.

“Brewing is a really fun mix of science and art and creativity,” said owner Tina Schuett. “Obviously you need the science side to have a good clean steady beer but then you’ve got to have that creativity to come up with something different and get different nuances and also put your mark on the beer.”

is making their mark on the craft brew scene and having a lot of fun doing it.

In the five years they have been brewing, they have created over 200 beer recipes.

“It’s fun, in the past year we’ve really focused on keeping some more flagship beers on,” she said. “Previously we just brewed new beers kind of all the time so we don’t get to brew as many new beers now with the flagship beers but it’s been kind of more fun when we do get to do the new beers now because it’s not like every day that we’re doing it. So, I feel like they have been coming out even a little bit better because we’re putting that much more time and thought into it.”

One of the new beers they have on tap right now is the Galaxy Smasher, a single hop IPA with some melon and tropical notes.

She said “I think it will be a very good spring-summertime beer as well but just for a good session beer that’s nice, light IBU and ABV so you can have more than one and not get tipsy.”

And after a little more time in the tank, their pale ale Mi Lagos Grande will be back for another turn at the bar”

“Mi Lagos Grande which we did once before but it’s using all local ingredients,” said Schuett. “We use Great Lakes Malting pale malt and MI Local Hops Michigan Copper and so it’s a good pale ale that just really showcases local ingredients only.”

If you’re not in the mood for a beer, you can also find some of their craft cocktails and homemade hard seltzers on tap.

“We just want to give something for everybody whether its alcohol related or not,” she said. “The food, the drink we just like to have options for everybody.”