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Amazing Northern Michigan Homes: Leelanau County Chameleon House

With eight floors and an incredible rooftop with panoramic views, it’s a home that is sure to stand out all while blending in.

“It’s a concrete, steel, glass structure that kind of towers over the rolling topography of Leelanau County,” said Bart Ford, managing broker for Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors. “You’ve got orchard views, big, expansive Lake Michigan views, really unprecedented views of the Manitou Islands also.”

It may be made of concrete and steel but depending on the weather conditions you may have a hard time seeing this remarkable structure.

“It’s called a chameleon house,” he said. “So depending on the different ways that the light hits it, it kind of turns into what the day looks like and kind of what the surroundings look like. It’s pretty unique in that aspect.”

That chameleon effect gives this home an ever changing exterior and it’s all thanks to these plastic panels.

“They’re plastic panels that are definitely a show piece of the home which also allows that reflective light to hit it. So on a darker day it’s kind of dark and blends in with the surroundings, on a lighter day it’s almost shimmery and captures the aspect of that bright light,” said Ford.

The interior of the home is just as impressive.

Its overall layout, exposed steel girders and wood paneled walls give each of its eight floors a sleek, industrial feel.

He said “it’s a four bed, three bath, 1650 square feet; it would be a good investment property, a really great secondary home for an artist or just somebody who really appreciates the architecture of the home.”

A one of a kind home, especially in Northern Michigan.

“The clean lines and the industrial warehouse feel to it are very special, it looks like it would be a New York City loft or a downtown Chicago apartment but here we are in Northern Michigan kind of sandwiched between north Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan so it’s totally unique to its area,” said Ford.

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